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If you find there is an error on your existing order or would like to make a change to an existing order please notify us 1 week prior to collection/delivery and we need 2 weeks notice for Weddings.Please note that any changes to your existing order may be chargeable. We therefore recommend customers always double check order details such as dates, cake size, cupcakes and personal messages.


Upon collecting your order please ensure it is all present and correct, check any spellings and decorations, changes cannot be made after your order has left the premises. When creating your order we work with the information provided at the time of booking and interpret your requirements to the best of our ability. We cannot make exact replicas of other cakes however we can make them as close as we possible can.

Please note our Cakes are as individual as we are and may vary slightly from the pictures shown.


Please ensure you have adequate space in your vehicle for your order as boxes can be larger than you think. Always travel with your order on a flat surface no car seats. When carrying your order do not tip it up and keep it level at all times. Also do not squish the box as you may risk damaging your order.

We recommend our Cakes & CupCakes are eaten within 3 days but may last longer.

Store your Cake in the box provided, do not cover with tin foil or cling film as this will cause the Cake to sweat.

There is also no need to refrigerate the Cake or CupCakes as this will effect the taste.
Also keep it away from heat and cooking smells.

The cake may include non-edible decorations which must be removed before the cake is cut and served, such as wired sugar flowers, fresh flowers, models, internal supports etc. 


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