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Gluten - Dairy  Free - Delivery - available

We are so super excited about launching our NEW CakeAway service.


So this is how it works.....


Every Monday and Friday (to start with and surely the days we need Cake the most?!)

 we will be offering our new CakeAway service.


Every Monday and Friday morning we will update our Facebook page with what different goodies we have available including Cake Slices, Whole Cakes, CupCakes, Cookies.


If you don't use or have Facebook you can call us to find out too!


All orders will be taken between 10am and 12 noon for delivery between 12 & 4pm.

We deliver within a ten mile radius of our shop.

                                        Delivery is calculated at the time of ordering..

CakeAway at CherryCakes............ is here!!

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